At least find out my name!

Dear Prospective Yoga Teachers

You are just about to finish your teacher training and you are enthusiastically emailing every yoga studio in the area to find out if you can hold a class there.

Here are a few tips that might help you:

1) Find out the name of the person who owns the studio. It’s not hard. If you dig around on the studio website I’m sure you’ll be able to find it. Address your email to the owner, even if you are emailing a generic email address. And if you still can’t find the name – phone and ask.

2) Consider actually attending some classes at the studio. As part of your teacher training, I’m sure they’ve told you to practice with different teachers in different places. Furthermore, if you want to be part of the teaching staff at your local yoga studio, then join in with the community. Find out what we do. Like our Facebook page or follow us on Instagram. Leave some comments. BUILD A RELATIONSHIP with the community.

3) “I would like to hold a yoga class” means nothing! What are you going to be doing in our space? Tell me what sort of yoga you are trained in, or going to be trained in.

4) Do your research! Don’t just send an email saying you’d like to teach a class here. Look at the timetable! If you can see what may be a spare slot in the timetable, then ask about that one. Don’t send an email expecting me to respond with the slots I have free. That is time out of my day.

5) What’s your niche? Don’t tell me, you’ve just done a 200-hr training. In what? With whom? What demographic are you wanting to reach?

6) Be professional. Take the time to write me more than a two sentence email. Direct me to your website or Instagram or something! Tell me who you are. Tell me about you. I know you won’t have a yoga cv yet, but at least tell me what your background is.

7) Do not tell me that I can call you to discuss.  I will not be calling you.  If you want to talk to me, you call me.

Here at Great Malvern Yoga, we nurture our student teachers and newly qualified teachers.  We offer mentoring too.  If you take the time to build a relationship with us, then we will help you.  If you are serious about your yoga teaching career, then please take the time to do the homework.  It is not easy to establish yourself as a yoga teacher these days.  The market is VERY competitive.  Make yourself stand out from the very beginning.

Good Luck!

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