Events & Retreats



A group of healers are coming together to offer free healing to anyone who wants it.

On the last Thursday of every month (excluding December), this small team will offer half hour (spiritual, hands-on) healing sessions right here at Great Malvern Yoga Studio.

Jack Stewart and his fellow healers encourage both those who believe in healing to come along, and those who would like to find out more.

“We are all healers from various backgrounds who wish to give back something to the community. We won’t ever charge but donations please to cover room hire. Healers act as channels through which healing energies flow. Through relaxing and re-energising people can use their own self-healing abilities to restore balance, health and wellbeing. Healing helps with minor illnesses through to what may be termed life threatening. It can help heal the physical, psychological, spiritual and emotional conditions simply and non-invasively (you remain fully clothed), sometimes to a remarkable degree.”

If you want to know more, come along to the first session on Thursday, October 25th  4.30pm – 6.30pm.  Or call Jack on 01684 567027, visit the website or e-mail