Tips for setting up your home yoga space.

    Practising yoga at home doesn’t come naturally to some of us, whether it’s finding a quiet space or having enough ceiling height to get your hands above your head (me), it’s definitely been a learning curve over the last month.  I am so impressed and grateful for everyone’s willingness to adjust and adapt […]

Buckwheat & Chocolate Muffins

Does anyone else always have half a bag of buckwheat flour in the cupboard, or is it just me?!  This recipe is not vegan – but pretty sure you could use flax eggs and non-dairy chocolate – when I make it, this is what I will be doing. INGREDIENTS (makes 12 MUFFINS) 225g buckwheat flour.  […]

Cacao & Orange Power Balls – Recipe

Ingredients (makes about 16 balls). 200 g pitted medjool dates 50g pumpkin seeds (ground) 50g sunflower seeds (ground) 1 tsp. pure vanilla extract 1 tsp. pure orange extract 3 tbsps.  cacao or cocoa powder 2 tbsps. melted coconut oil 20g natural whey or vegan blend protein powder (or just don’t bother with this bit!) Method. […]

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