A Labour of Love

When I set out to build a new website for Great Malvern Yoga, I had no idea what a labour of love it would turn into.  You see, I wanted to do it myself.  From scratch.  Have I ever built a website from scratch before?  No.  So why do I do these things to myself?  Because I’m a cheapskate with a very small marketing budget and because I was interested enough to learn how to do it!


It’s not like I was a complete novice.  I have administered the old Great Malvern Yoga website since its inception in 2014.  Previously I have administered various corporate websites when I still had an office job.  However, I had never built anything from the ground up before.


I was talking to my friend Paula the other day for the podcast and she said that her secret to getting things done was to practice presence.  Don’t try to get ahead of yourself.  Worry about what you need to be doing right now and leave the rest until you have the brain capacity to deal with it.  For example, I’ve still not quite finished getting all of the images up and where I want them, but in the grand scheme of things that is not today’s task.  Today’s task has been sorting out the slider on the homepage.  Have a scheme of work, and stick to it.


This goes for everything, not just building a new website!  You cannot expect to be doing a solid headstand after three yoga classes.  Let’s be realistic.  I could not expect to get this done before Christmas once I realised the mammoth task I had ahead of me.


You can only do what you can do.  This is a phrase that annoys me.  It has always sounded like an excuse for not getting much done.  It’s true in principal.  You can only do what you can do, whilst being organised, productive and patient.




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